Turtlenecked is Harrison Smith, a 21-year-old Portland songsmith responsible for some of the weirdest bedroom pop in recent memory. No wistful mumbles or Casiotone plunks here. Smith prefers a maximalist, mucky palette that's heavy on the guitar hooks and light on the acoustic fluff, with a hint of Wire's baroque punk for good measure. His first album, last fall's caveat, was recorded in his dorm room (it's a wonder his RA didn't write him up).

Everyone needs a change in scenery once in a while, even Smith. When it came time to record his new album, Vulture, the musician put himself out of his comfort zone — he recorded in the living room instead. More square footage equals sonic space, so it's no surprise that the album's latest single, "Pangloss" (meaning one who is optimistic in all circumstances) sounds massive, all walloping riffs and fuzzy backbeats. At times, the song evokes lone wolf garage riffers like Ty Segall, but towards the end, it corkscrews into a more sophisticated form: a wiry post-punk jam à la Parquet Courts. Listen below.

Turtlenecked will release Vulture on June 15 via Good Cheer Records. Pre-order it here.