Before Tight Fright began churning out stoner rock on the mean streets of Brooklyn, they were a bunch of desert bandits — musically speaking, anyway. Originally known as Cadillac Steakhouse, the band coalesced in Tucson, Ariz., in 2008; five years later, they decamped for the East Coast and expanded from a trio into a sludgy four-piece called Meryl Streep (their alternate stage name, meanwhile, was “Liberace Indian Peacock Spaceship”), and finally, Tight Fright. The whip-smart crew specializes in the smoldering, occasionally showy hard rock popularized by Clutch, Red Fang and company. They're set to release their debut album, Hotel Metal, tomorrow. It's not so much a full-length as a demonic doozy you can shake your ass to. Stream the whole thing below.

Speaking about the new album with CLRVYNT, bassist / vocalist Erik Ketchup offers the following overview: "This music was so fun to write, we thought the subject matter should also include things we enjoy: things like coffee, butts, illegal substances by the pool, cooking with the devil — you know, the essentials." He also offers the album as a tribute to the Man Downstairs, on behalf of the band: "This album is dedicated to to our Dark Lord, who is watching over us from down below. Beezlebub. Lucifer. Azazel. The King of Babylon. The Evil One. Asmodeus. Mephistopheles. Abaddon. Diablo — HAIL SATAN! ALL IS LOST!"

Tight Fright's debut album, Hotel Metal, is out February 24 via Silver Sleeve.

Mar. 13 — Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
Mar. 14 — Raleigh, NC @ Slims
Mar. 16 — Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
Mar. 17 — Austin, TX @ Spider House
Mar. 19 — Austin, TX @ Austin Terror Fest
Mar. 21 — Winston-Salem, NC @ Test Pattern