One day in 2012, Texas-based musician Allison Korte decided to dust off her old poetry notebooks and pair them with her friend Reed DeAngelis' grungy sonic sketches. Four years later, their musical partnership has expanded into a proper four-piece power-pop crew known as the Mites, with a sound landing somewhere between the Clueless soundtrack and Green-era R.E.M. (whose former member, Ken Stringfellow, has given the band his blessing). (Here's some trivia, just for kicks–guitarist Blake Ibanez does duty in the rising thrash outfit Power Trip.)

Having released two EPs (2013's Spur of the Summer and 2015's Bellows) over the past four years, the Mites make a point to bite regularly. Here comes bite number three: soon, the band will release their third 7", Asphalt Ocean, via Painter Man. It's up for pre-order here; records will ship in 3-4 weeks. You need not wait to experience its blissful bubblegum, however — we've got a premiere of the whole thing, plus a video for the title track. You're welcome.