Dear and the Headlights were an indie band whose time was cut way too short upon folding in 2011. But the Gentle Hits have formed from those ashes, comprised of key members and not only picking up right where DATH left off, but going even further. Today, the band is premiering new song "All That Information" off their upcoming self-titled record. Elsewhere on the album, you'll be pleased to find reflective, inward-looking acoustic rock, but this track exemplifies the dichotomy in their songwriting by delivering an extremely fun, enthusiastic song. A lot of times, it's easy to forget how fun and danceable rock music can be — this track's swooning excitement is a nice reminder of what can be done with a guitar.

Of the song's intentions, lead songwriter and vocalist Ian Metzger says, "Stop wasting energy complaining about what you don't like. Create what you would rather see. Be good or be gone."

Pre-order the self-titled album from Porch Party Records.