This year, we've been pretty lucky to encounter some killer collaborations from bands, like Full of Hell and The Body, and Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas. But the year isn't quite over yet, a good thing because the new collaboration from The Album Leaf and Rituals of Mine is going to be essential listening. The Album Leaf is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Lavalle, who uses his expertise in different instruments to create vast, sonic landscapes of emotion. Rituals of Mine is a Sacramento duo that delivers some extremely haunting, and forward-moving electronic music.

The two have come together for the track 'Think of You,' which is an on point combination of both parties' talents. The Album Leaf's progressive, ambient sounds meld perfectly with Rituals of Mine's own, along with the added plus of the latter's vocals. The combination of elements make for a brooding, melancholy sweet spot of a sound that's both complex and beautiful. The music continues to ramp up, resolving in a really beautiful ending to the track. Hopefully it won't be the last we hear from the two.