Surfer Rosie are a Pacific Northwest quartet that owe their existence to the ever-thriving Portland underground, as well as some good old-fashioned girl power. Originally conceived two years ago as the solo project of Laura Daegling (best known as the bassist and vocalist of local shoegazers Blind Lovejoy), the project eventually blossomed into a four-piece featuring her bandmate Noah Johanson, as well as two friends from her stint as a volunteer with Portland's Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, Gillian Avina and Gillian Brase. Last October, the four performed a Pixies covers set for a Halloween house show, billing themselves as — you guessed it — Surfer Rosie.

The name stuck, and they've soldiered on ever since — this time as a a group of rockers in their own right, rather than a tribute outfit. It's set to become official this summer, when Daegling and company release their debut EP via Good Cheer Records. To tide us over until then, Surfer Rosie have offered up "Worms," a bristling, two-minute banger that toes the lines between grunge, shoegaze and sweetness. It also sounds nothing like the Pixies. Give it a spin below.