You'd be hard-pressed to find a lot of information about New York rock band Super Natural Psycho. Earlier this year, they dropped it is, eight tracks of incredibly smooth and heavy rock music that touched on aspects of shoegaze and punk. Today, they're keeping shit moving with new single "Rose Stoned," co-released by Pop Wig Records and Super Natural. Clocking in at seven minutes, it shows the band slowing down a bit compared to previous releases, letting the tunes ride out in all their distorted glory. It's an easy track to zone out to, as the riffs spiral into intricate grooves within grooves, making for a cool, psychedelic trip. The band is going to do some good shit, and it's clear they're not afraid to indulge in pure rock when the mood strikes.

Hear it below, and pick up your copy from Pop Wig. Read our chat with Pop Wig founder Justice Tripp.