Succumb aren't your typical death metal bunch. Though the San Francisco band — which originally went by Cloak, but subsequently changed their moniker so as not to be confused with the Atlanta death metal outfit of the same name — has clearly studied up on their Napalm Death, they also make a point to pepper the void with traces of hardcore, funeral doom and good ol' noise, condensing the Bay Area's history of leaden goodness into an exhilarating bit of musical ore. Bandleader Cheri Musrasrik is not so much a vocalist as she is a grim, razor-throated poet, obsessed with war, sex and original sin, among other uplifting topics.

There's a lot to unpack here, but damn, is it satisfying. Stream Succumb's self-titled debut below courtesy of Noisey, ahead of its release later this week via the Flenser.

Read our interview with Musrasrik.

Succumb's eponymous debut album arrives May 5 via the Flenser. Pre-order it here.