Sometimes, the recipe of guitars, vocals, bass and drums can get a little boring. You need to mix up your diet of instruments in order to achieve an exciting, new sound. New York indie group Stereo Off know that as well as anyone, and have made it incredibly evident on their upcoming EP III. Today they're premiering the track "Sunsetting," which warps multiple instruments into a new and pristine sound. It blends traditional pop with flavors of New Wave and electronica, vocalist Sebastian Marciano's voice melting like chocolate into the background while trumpets and synthesizers tap out sounds in the background to create a danceable and immaculate track.

Of the song, Marciano says, simply:

'Sunsetting' is about jumping into or onto your vehicle of choice, picking up your lover and chasing the sunset together.

Learn more about Stereo Off via their Facebook and Twitter, and accompany them on "Sunsetting" below.