If you were diligent enough to show up early at this summer's Deftones / Refused tour, you were rewarded with the ultra-dense dream-rock of NYC husband-and-wife duo Spotlights. Mario and Sarah Quintero administer wave after wave of gorgeous '90s-worship distortion that should appeal to any fan of Failure, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver or Hum. On Friday, they're going to conclude their minor breakout year (highlighted by epic debut full-length Tidals) with a three-song odds-and-ends EP, Spiders, streaming in full below. Mario Quintero, with the deets:

Our upcoming Spiders EP is more of a combination of 'singles.' We wanted our fans to hear a side of Spotlights that is a bit of a departure from the songs on Tidals. It has more of an electronic foundation to it. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to add a cover to the mix, and Mew, being one of our all time favorites, made 'She Spider' an easy choice. To tie it together, Aaron Harris [Isis, Palms] remixed 'Joseph' off Tidals, and it came out so epic! Really happy to have these songs out for people to hear while we work on our next album.

Check out Spiders below, and pick it up here.