There is no band that was more emblematic of powerviolence — the grit, the brutality, the jaw-dropping skill and subversive humor — than the legendary Spazz. Formed in 1993 and lasting until 2000, the trio of Chris Dodge (also Slap-a-Ham), Dan Lactose and Max Ward was responsible for not only some of the fastest songs on the planet, but also influencing legions of punk, grind, metal and hardcore kids for decades to come. Their impact is unmistakable, and easy to spot within the scene. Just look for a Bruce Lee photo or a Golden Harvest logo — most likely, it's a Spazz shirt or patch.

Much of the band's material surfaced in the form of small releases and splits, some of which was subsequently captured on comps like Cry Now, Cry Later or Sweatin' to the Oldies. Now the band has polished up and remastered some oldies for Sweatin' II: Deported Live Gorilla, due on December 9 (order yours). The record compiles 35 tracks from 1995-1996, including the split with Subversion, the split with Romantic Gorilla and a full live set from KFJC radio in 1996. Stream four tracks from the reissue below for the first time, and preorder yours ahead of the street date.