Sneaks have a strikingly minimalist take on post-punk. In 2015, project honcho Eva Moolchan released Gymnastics, a debut record that expanded the core elements in her music. Today, she's releasing her new, wild-ass, animated video for the album cut "Tough Luck." The song is a perfect representation of the project, bass guitar and drums being the only noises you hear under Moolchan's spoken parts. Animated bodies twitch and conform together, dancing and morphing along to the beat. Like the music, it's simple and effective, not needing any pomp or circumstance to make its point.

Of the video, director Jamie Wolfe said the following:

The video is built out of a series of vignettes, each directly playing off the repetition and rhythm in Eva’s beats. Each frame is hand-painted in sumi ink, and then colored digitally. At the beginning, I listened to the song on repeat, and painted whatever came to mind. Tons of morphy dancing bodies and gestural, abstracting forms. I animated my favorites.

Pick up Gymnastics from Merge Records.