Sheer are a band out of California's Simi Valley that play a heavy kind of dream-pop that will slide into your dreams. In 2015, they released their debut LP, Uneasy, an 11-track collection of killer, assured rock tunes. Today, the band is premiering their new EP, Psychic Quarry, a release that puts them back on track after a lineup change. It's a revitalizing move, opener "Room" an instantly hooky, nostalgic track that sinks deeper into new layers of melody as it progresses. There's a warring dichotomy of the delicate and the uninhibited here, songs like "To Love and Feel Alive" possessing an undercurrent of sweetness that eventually manifests in unabashed emotion and drive.

Of the EP, singer Gina Almaguer says:

Psychic Quarry is a very personal record to me. I started to force myself to write in midst of my anxiety and depression fits, rather than reflecting back on it afterwards. I found that method to be a lot more healing for me, but also a lot more vulnerable. As whole, the EP sort of tells a story about my internal battles with my mental health by describing each of the different stages. Musically, it's a perfect reflection of where we are as a band currently with our new lineup. We couldn't be more in tune with one another, and this EP is a perfect transition for what's to come.

Pre-order Psychic Quarry before it's out this Friday.