The brain and the pelvis work in two completely opposite ways. Everyone wants the smart and cute one, but the crazy, tattooed wild child usually wins out. There is a primitive sexuality that evaporates from their pores, drawing you in. You know its a bad idea, and best-case scenario is a night of zero sleep and incredible sex, but it's carnal and built into our DNA in much the same way you listen to your body when it says "eat" or "sleep."

That slithering, primal sexuality is at the heart of the new single "The Lick" by U.K. quintet Shame. Anchored by slow-crawl bass and drums, the track has a certain swagger and stutter last seen in Iceage's earliest work. While the band sets the mood, frontman Charlie Steen's vocals project an apathetic, oversexed Mark E. Smith quality, with all of the urgency, but none of the mania. Make no mistake: If this track was sitting at the end of the bar, it would definitely be throwing you "fuck me" eyes.

Shame's new double A-side single of "Gold Hole" and "The Lick" hits on December 7 via Fnord. Order yours and stream both sides below.