There is something feral about Sextile's "One of These." Driven by synths, with a cadence not unlike TV on the Radio's massive "Wolf Like Me," this post-punk burner feels claustrophobic, yet oozes danger and sexuality. The monotone and slacker-y vocal only adds to the nihilistic laissez-faire attitude of it all, until the song starts to move toward the chorus, where vocals swell and now-muscular guitars move to the front to take charge. Suddenly it's dramatic, primal and cooler than me or you. Stream "One of These" below for the first time, before you meet that sexy someone at the goth club and can't decide whether you should spend some time alone with them in the bathroom or head out on the town to break things. (For the record, the answer to that is always both.)

FFO: Total Control, Chain of Flowers, Pop. 1280, etc.

"One of These" is culled from Sextile's new LP, Albeit Living, due on July 14 via Felte. Order yours.