Self Defense Family have been a mammoth project for over 10 years. Boasting a baseball team-sized roster, each new release expands upon the band's post-punk delivery. SDF are set to release new EP Colicky, a four-song affair that shifts its weight between post-punk's aggressive and melodic side in an instant. As an entire work, Colicky assembles a set of tracks that builds to a unique cohesion, emotions swooning toward new peaks.

Leadoff track "Staying Current" opens with pools of energy and sound, vocals melting and wavering into their own tones. "All True at the Same Time" is reflective and scorching, which goes off the rails into the somber, molasses-like textures of "It Isn't Very Clear, Is It?" The final song, "Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile," caps off the proceedings with a seven-minute collision of all the EP's previous elements with an unmatched intensity. There's a steady, tense build-up, drums pounding while lulling guitar melodies wrap around the rhythm. It keeps going until it fades out, a long exhale after a righteous expenditure of energy.

Hear the whole project below, and pick up your copy from Iron Pier Records before it comes out this Friday, September 9.