Comprised of remains from linchpin East Coast straight-edge bands like Turning Point, Mouthpiece, Floorpunch and Hands Tied, the musical unit known as Search can be considered something of a supergroup to those aware of these legendary ensembles' pedigrees.

And if you're the type of person who knows the importance of the aforementioned groups, you’ll know they delivered a straight-ahead style of hardcore meant to provoke stage dives, sing-alongs, pig piles and good, clean dance floor action. As you would expect, Search do not deviate from this agenda.

For proof of this statement, we present an exclusive stream of the title track from their upcoming 7" EP, Between the Lines (Revelation). We guarantee this jam will have you finger-pointing, Cappo-jumping and digging in the closet for your finest camo cutoffs. And if the tune doesn’t produce such results, it’s safe to say you’re either too cool, too old, too floppy-minded or clinically dead.

Search play this Friday October 14 at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn with Burn, Nine Lives, the Wilding Incident and Activator.