The other day walking from the train, a kid on the sidewalk was leisurely walking in front of us, and then suddenly, and very violently, kicked the ever-living shit out of a trash can, propelling it and its contents into the street. The kid looked 17 at the oldest, and seemed to be well-dressed and well-mannered otherwise. Regardless, there was no mercy shown toward that 50-gallon hunk of rolling Rubbermaid.

It's that about-to-snap level of violence that permeates the new LP by Rash, an 11-track exercise in catharsis that includes more not-so-centered numbers like "Hunting Humans" and "Gas and Matches." Skinner Box calls to mind similarly minded bands of recent-yesterday, like Vile Gash or Raw Nerve, punk that isn't so much nihilistic as it is singular in its aim: total annihilation. The album art by guitarist Jesse Smith brings to mind the works of Youth Attack as well, so you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting into. Namely, pure hatred.

Skinner Box, the band's first official release in three years, was recorded in Chicago with Matt Russell (Moral Void, Bruges), and is streaming in full below. Get your copy via Bandcamp (for the affordable "whatever") or High Fashion Industries. If you're in Chicago, get yours at the merch table at the 2040 on December 2, when they perform with Droids Blood, Torture Love and Bruges. All money from the door will be donated to the protesters at Standing Rock.