I know what you're all wondering: Who's that handsome, chalk-faced man in the photo, brandishing the twisted metal doodad like it's Excalibur? Why, that's Alex Ian Smith, erstwhile drummer for Brooklyn art-poppers Ava Luna and the current bandleader of Railings, an unabashedly weird group birthed in the same borough. (As for that weird-ass press photo, Smith told CLRVYNT that he's paying tribute to the 1995 thriller Powder, better known as "John Waters' 10th-most-favorite religious film.") The quartet — which also consists of Journalism's Sean Liljequist, Leapling's Alejandro Salazar Dyer and Ari Zeiguer — specialize in vast, off-the-cuff experimental jams that nod to every genre imaginable: ’70s prog, ’80s R&B, ’90s pop and of course, timeless rock 'n' roll.

On February 3, Railings will release their debut LP,  ') ('. (Before you ask, no, I have no clue how to pronounce it either). Smith and company recently shared the lead single "Breaking the Bong," and today, CLRVYNT has your first listen of the wacky, wonderful "Hell Is Real." It's not as scary as Powder, but it's a lot more pleasant. Listen below.

Railings' unpronouncable opus ') (' hits shelves February 3 via Smith's Meta-Erring Recordings label. Pre-order it here.