Aussie experimentalists PVT (formerly known as Pivot) are gearing up to release their fifth album, New Spirit, later this week. The Sydney-based band's latest full-length finds the trio — brothers Richard Pike and Laurence Pike, along with their pal from overseas, London native Dave Miller — launching a full investigation into what they call "the New Australia," a once-proud nation that, like much of the West, has devolved into a land of xenophobic fear and ample intolerance. Having toured with reputable acts of all stripes (Arctic Monkeys, Warpaint, Gary Numan, Bloc Party), they stand poised for a crossover; nevertheless, they're keeping their heads down, honoring their career-long commitment to forward-thinking, electronic-tinged math rock.

In anticipation of New Spirit's impending arrival, PVT have unveiled its title track: a politically charged ripper, inspired by Australian music legends like Flash and the Pan (the band fronted by the beloved and since-passed Easybeats member Stevie Wright) and INXS. "The lyrics here have a lot of direct references to the backwards-ness of the Aussie government–religious connotations," PVT tell CLRVYNT. "The 'knights and dames' lyric refers to the reinstitution of the colonial idea of knighthood, the disrespect of women ... just all the regressive things going on in the name of fuck knows what." Give it a spin below.

PVT's latest album, New Spirit, hits shelves this Friday (February 17) via Felte. Pre-order it here.