Washington, D.C.'s Puff Pieces play explosive, anxious post-punk, delivering the type of grooves that coalesce, self-cannibalize and collapse in a matter of seconds — hypnotism at its buzziest. Justin Moyer, formerly of Dischord darlings Antelope, wields his guitar as a pendulum, shoehorning the lithe grooves of his bandmates (Antelope's Mike Andre on bass; Vertebrates' Amanda Huron on drums) into ramshackle chord progressions, peppered with the odd, winding melody.

A little over a year after dropping their debut LP, Bland in D.C., Puff Pieces are preparing to drop a new 7", Born 2 Die. Recorded by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at the legendary Inner Ear studio in Arlington, Va., its titular single offers a trip to art-punk nirvana courtesy of Andre's spry staccato bassline, chopped up every now and again by Moyer's axe. Stream it below, and scroll down to view Puff Pieces' upcoming tour dates.

Born 2 Die will be released as a 7" on June 2 via Lovitt Records

May 18 — Berlin, Germany @ Monarch
May 19 — Leipzig, Germany @ Handstand & Moral
May 20 — Erlangen, Germany @ JuKuZ
May 21 — Prague, Czech Republic @ 007
May 22 — Krakow, Poland @ Warsztat
May 23 — Brno, Czech Republic @ Kabinet Muz
May 24 — Zagreb, Croatia @ KSET
May 25 — Vienna, Austria @ Venster99
May 26 — Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic @ Ostinato Festival
May 27 — Würzburg, Germany @ Kellerperle
May 28 — Duisburg, Germany @ Djäzz
May 29 — Antwerp, Belgium @ Cafe Cabron
May 30 — Paris, France @ La Comedia
May 31 — Kiel, Germany @ TBA
Jun. 1 — Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
Jun. 2 — Potsdam, Germany @ Black Fleck