When Washington D.C’s Protester bestowed upon us their six-song 7" EP No Identity back in 2015, they delivered one of the most concise, vicious and uncompromising slabs of hardcore to come down the pike in many a fortnight.

But when all we got from the band last year was a 12" entitled The First Two Years, compiling their two demos and first 7", some wondered when we would hear some new blasts of wrath from this unit. Well, we can wonder no more, fellow rageaholics, because soon we will be able to take in the band’s first full-length of all-new material. Coming to us from the highly discerning Trash King imprint, Hide From Reality consists of 10 songs crammed with the kind of breviloquent spleen venting you’d expect from such celebrated core meisters of yore, such as Cleveland’s Confront, Seattle's Brotherhood and even New York hardcore first-wavers, the Abused.

If you’re not buying what I’m selling, take a sneaky listen to the track “Nothing to Me” from the album, and tell me it’s not the type of thing that puts a smile on your face and a fist at the end of your arm.

And if the track gets you that hyped up, be sure to go see Protester in a few weekends for string of shows where they'll unload a limited-edition version of the LP that’ll only be available at these gigs. If you’re more the homebody type, feel free to wait until March 24, when the record will be ready for purchase both online and through the usual distro channels. All we know is, no matter how you get this monster, get it ... or pose hard.

Feb. 10 — Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Cro-Mags, Fire & Ice, Society Sucker, Red Vision
Feb. 11 — Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale w/ Warthog, Vanity, Urchin, Subversive Rite
Feb. 12 — Washington, DC @ The Pinch w/ Cro-Mags, Line of Sight, DC Disorder