Oakland’s Primal Rite have been conjuring up quite a buzz in the hardcore scene within a scant amount of time. Quickly formed from the embers of the band Scalped late last year, the band shot out the 7" EP Hatred in a Mask of Flowers on the beyond estimable Warthog Speak label this spring. It's evident that they're not resting on past achievements, picking up where their previous band left off in terms of covertly metal-tinged hardcore.

Complex Life of Passion, their upcoming EP on Grave Mistake, continues the story with an inimitable brutality drawing from such diverse pools as U.K. crossover sounds of yore (such as Sacrilege) and the Rust Belt crunch of Integrity. Give an aural gander to the exclusive stream of the four-song EP below and you’ll get an idea of where we’re coming from. Complex Life of Passion is set to be released October 7, and you can pre-order it here. And be sure to check Primal Rite out on their tour starting the day before. Until then, blast this banger and try not to wreck too much shit.

primal rite flyer