Pentimento is a punk band out of Buffalo, N.Y., that's been going for the past five years. Last year, they put out their second full-length, I, No Longer, a dozen tracks of unrelenting emotion and energy finely tuned from their previous work. That sensation transfers nicely to their live show, as seen in their new video for "Sink or Swim." It's one of the most uplifting tracks on the record, an extremely fun jaunt that's both loud and poppy. You can see fans jumping all over each other during the performance, the band just hanging out, and all the usual fun goings-on at the show. The universal support is a nice counterbalance to the track's loneliness-centered lyrics — the feeling of being different is universal, and something worth bonding over.

You can pay what you want for I, No Longer on Bandcamp, or get a physical copy for $2 from Bad Timing Records.