Somewhere between Bauhaus, Joy Division and other dark post-punk / death-rock of the era is “The Cross,” the latest single from Brooklyn’s Pawns, from their forthcoming The Gallows LP. But don’t mistake the band for the legions who worship at the altar of Ian Curtis, Rozz Williams or Peter Murphy — the four-piece takes just as much inspiration from the anarcho-punk and peace-punk movements of the era, making for a bit more spin and modernity. And though “The Cross” is firmly planted in the retro-post-punk / danceable goth realm overall, that doesn’t make it any less fun or crucial. Stream that new track below.

The Gallows was recorded by Ben Greenberg and engineered by Josh Bonati, and is due via Label Mass Media / Nothing but a Nightmare. Order yours ahead of its July due date and catch the band at the Bodega Ball in NYC this weekend (Apr. 14-16) with L.O.T.I.O.N., Mommy and others.