Experimental stalwarts Oxbow recently announced Thin Black Duke, their first long-player in a decade (which also marks the first new release on storied heavy music label Hydra Head since 2013). Blame producer Joe Chiccarelli for the long wait; discussing the new album last year, frontman Eugene Robinson revealed that the record's been set for quite some time, but got pushed back because Chiccarelli was hard at work producing for the likes of Jack White, Alanis Morissette, Morrissey and others. ( "I don’t mind being bumped for Jack White or Morrissey," Robinson grumbled, "but Alanis Morissette?")

Fortunately, Chiccarelli's schedule opened up, and we've finally got new Oxbow on the way. Today, the San Francisco group shared a video for the album's first single, "Cold & Well-Lit Place." Directed by Chris Purdie, the black-and-white clip gets up close and personal with the band as they perform in a dark, industrial space; we also witness scenes of mysterious, sharp-dressed men lurking around the city streets, as well as a wine-fueled banquet. At one point, a dejected man writhes around on the floor in front of the Oxbow crew, overcome by despair (maybe he's just floored by their raucous performance). It's a bleak visual, to be sure — but then again, what would you expect from these noisy rascals? Check out the video below, accompanied by two teasers for the forthcoming LP.

Oxbow's long-awaited Thin Black Duke is out May 5 via Hydra Head