You ever see a band you dig do something cool and get inspired to do something because of it? Maybe you pick up your guitar, make a new song, draw something, whatever. But have you ever had the experience where — upon coming into contact with a new record by said favorite band — you go and massacre everyone in your path, killing babies, dogs and everything in between? Well, that's what it's like when you get a new Oozing Wound jawn.

Oozing Wound are a weirdo metal band that plays super fast, super cool riffs. Today, they've released the new video for "Diver," a track off their forthcoming and appropriately titled Whatever Forever. In it, we follow a very smartly dressed young man as he's going through his day, watching all the Oozing Wound shit he can. While he would just like to go about his day and fuck shit up to Oozing Wound's heavy jams, he's bound by his shitty life obligations. Luckily, a salesman peddling drugs and Oozing Wound DVDs approaches him with the band's newest live tape, and our hero is off in a chase, crushing shit in his path. From there, it's a nonstop jam of sick riffs, spectral cats, Twin Peaks lodges and all the psychedelia you need.

Watch the video below, and pre-order Whatever Forever (due October 14) from Thrill Jockey.