The New York City of the late '70s and early '80s resembled a war zone, a burnt husk of the American Dream, and the music it spawned in the form of No Wave masters Swans perfectly encapsulated the zeitgeist. Now, Japan's Oozepus — a collaboration between Uchino and Satoshi of death metal legends Coffins and Ohkubo of powerelectronic outfit Linekraft — resurrect the brute, atavistic aesthetic of albums such as Cop and Filth, not to mention a bit of early Godflesh, or the more obscure Skin Chamber for good measure.

Oozepus's new EP, Your Limit, is due out via Malignant Records on February 24, and there is scant reason to believe the world will be a better place by then. Rather, it is more likely this release will move itself to the top of your soundtrack for the slow-motion apocalypse that is our world. Here's to everyplace becoming the New York City of the '80s.