Germany's Occvlta conjure the spirit of black metal's first wave with their new song "Last of the Sabbaths." With clenched fists and a driving punk backbone, the band's influences lean heavily on Venom, Bathory and Motörhead — it's the kind of ripping track built for breaking whiskey bottles and praising the Dark Lord. It's nasty, punk as fuck and quietly melodic, ideal for metalhead purists or nihilistic punk fans alike. Stream it below for the first time. Fans of Midnight, Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, and all stops along the way — this is for you.

After two releases, a split and a demo, "Last of the Sabbaths" is the first track to emerge from the band's debut LP. Electric Assault will do the (dis)honors, releasing Night Without End on June 9. EU folks, make sure to cop yours on their upcoming dates with the venerable Aura Noir in May. And play catch-up by ordering their demo on vinyl.