For almost 20 years now, Norma Jean have been producing records that take metalcore to new heights, past any superficial associations the genre might have acquired. Last Friday, the Atlanta, Ga., outfit released their seventh full-length record, Polar Similar (Solid State), which brings more complexity and variance to their usual recipe, while also solidifying just how heavy Norma Jean can get. Today the band is premiering a new video from the record for the track "Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else."

The video shows the band covered in dirt and muck, playing their asses off, alongside shots of a lost woman frantically trying to escape from a dark labyrinth. It matches the frenetic energy of the song, dirty guitar riffs shredding and spewing while vocalist Cory Brandan roars with a ferocity that kids in basements across the world hope to someday match. For a lot of bands, the fire and excitement seems to die down by the second record, the group resorting to phoning in their following releases. But Norma Jean prove that, seven records in, they've produced arguably their best and most forward-thinking music to date.

Watch "Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else" below, and order your copy of Polar Similar right here.