Salt Lake City's No Sun play shoegaze that you can sink into like a warm bath. This January, they're releasing their debut record, If Only, so you might as well get acquainted now. Today, they're premiering new track "It's Happening Again." In addition to referencing one of the most heart-stopping moments in television history, "It's Happening Again" is also an extremely heavy track. Vocals melt over bending guitars, clashing with the noise and aggression. But under all this sonic unrest is a really solid rock song with well-thought out, tension-building movements.

Of the song, guitarist Jordan Strang says, "'It's Happening Again' is a song about coping. It's about delving within yourself during times of inner turmoil, and being further isolated by doing so. To me, depression is like an ebb and flow that is constantly coming and going, taking me away from my peers or loved ones and drawing my attention inward. This song focuses on how — despite how collected people can seem on the surface — they may be fighting their own inner battle.”

Pre-order the record from The Native Sound before it's out January 20.