Last year, Canadian shoegazers No Joy announced that they'd be ditching the typical album release cycle in favor of a staggered smattering of extended plays, each of them fine-tuned to explore a different facet of the duo's sound. Where last year's noise-ridden Drool Sucker EP saw No Joy baring their fangs, "Califone" — the first single from their upcoming Creep, out next month — casts Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd as two space cadets floating through a Spirtualized-inspired haze, enthralled by the unknown.

If No Joy's latest song wasn't out-there enough for you, the accompanying video should do the trick. Directed by Ben Clarkson, the visual assembles a mind-boggling menagerie of CGI graphics and green-screen trickery, the trappings of a post-internet fever dream. White-Gluz's disembodied head floats against a sea of Left Sharks. Tom Cruise gets guillotined. Footage of a bass is spliced with a recent Sleigh Bells video. (Which begs the question: What if Alexis Krauss is actually a fish?) I could go on, but why spoil the psychedelic surprise? Watch below.

No Joy will release their Creep EP on February 24 via Grey Market. Pre-orders will be available here starting February 1.