You're mad. Things are dark. You want your revenge. We feel that.

With all of the day-to-day distractions that come with life, it's easy to stray and forget about your objective. You're gonna need to stay the course. You're gonna need something with venom and vitriol. Something that will remind you of the anger you feel and fuel you to propel forward even when things are dark. Something that will give you strength when you need it, and more importantly, when you don't.

Norewegian black metal band Nidingr is your full tank of hate, a mechanized all-terrain vehicle ready to bulldoze and eviscerate. Their new track, "On Dead Body Shore," is the anti-everything anthem that you need, both now and when you're at your enemy's gate. Using minor chords, blasts and just enough melody to keep things interesting (and not "pretty"), Teloch (also of Mayhem) has crafted a track that has all of the sheen and shine of modern black metal, yet still retains the bite that is so crucial. It's lean (under four minutes), it's mean and you'll be hitting repeat.

"On Dead Body Shore" comes from the The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, which hits on February 10. Order yours via Season of Mist.

Jan. 20 — Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
Jan. 21 — Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theater
Jan. 22 — Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
Jan. 23 — Chicago, IL@ Metro
Jan. 24 — Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom
Jan. 25 — Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
Jan. 27 — Denver, CO @ Gothic Theater                       
Jan. 28 — Sat Lake City, UT @ The Complex
Jan. 30 — Calgary, AB @ Marquee
Jan. 31 — Edmonton, AB @Starlite Room
Feb. 2 — Seattle, WA@ El Corazon                       
Feb. 3 — Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw
Feb. 4 — Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater                       
Feb. 6 — San Francisco, CA@ Social Hall SF
Feb. 7 — Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory                   
Feb. 8 — Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
Feb. 10 — San Antonio, TX @Alamo Music Hall
Feb. 11 — Dallas, TX @ Trees                         
Feb. 13 — Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade                    
Feb. 14 — Wilmington, NC @ Thorne Theater                       
Feb. 15 — Washington, DC @ The Howard Theater
Feb. 16 — Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of the Living Arts
Feb. 17 — Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance Theater                       
Feb. 18 — Boston, MA @ Royale                        
Feb. 19 — New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater