Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel is a psych-pop project out of California that's putting together some of the waviest music the genre has to offer. On February 10, the band is dropping their new album, When the Morning Greets You, an ocean of classic synth sounds in a contemporary context. Today, they're premiering "Ending," a dose of how smooth the record should be. The song will make you feel like you're floating in a bubble of pure bliss, the band's refined use of vintage sounds approaching cinematic. The sounds of ease reflect against the bittersweet vocals, reminding you "there's nothing you can do, it all comes down to you" throughout. It's a strange but joyous trip, a warm bath of finely crafted pop.

Hear the song below, and pre-order When the Morning Greets You from Rad Cat Records.

Mr. Elevator on tour: