Model / Actriz are a transcontinental quartet that plays morose, danceable post-punk à la Savages or A Place to Bury Strangers. Fronted by sneering frontman Cole Haden (who sings like he's British, but is actually from Delaware — go figure), the crew has quickly amassed a reputation for their sinister charm, an explosive ennui perfected in underground communities in California, Boston and elsewhere. Following their debut release AVA, the band is gearing up to drop another EP, No, this Friday.

Premiering today, the band's new song, "Matador," offers a tantalizing taste of Model / Actriz's mercurial chaos. Deftly toggling between twitchy spoken-word and full-on punk tantrums, the band taps into a wellspring of sexual tension: the kind that makes you grit your teeth and clench your fists so hard that your knuckles feel like they're going to burst through the skin. It's sexy, and a little bit scary. Listen below.

No is out this Friday (April 14) via Danger Collective digitally and on cassette. Pre-order it here.