Ambient instrumental music has the ability to not only set a mood, but push you into another. Sure, the latest single from Metro Riders plays out like the soundtrack to a sky-lit train rider whirring through the city center, but it also sounds like an outtake from Drive, with its pulsing synth backdrop set against programmed drums. "Trauma" is culled from the band's Europe by Night, their forthcoming eight-track effort, which takes influence from the oft-cited John Carpenter, but also giallo films, tense '80s thrillers and brooding noir to create a mood that mixes curious wonder with hanging dread. Play this one loud in your Countach with your sunglasses on. At night.

Look for Europe by Night on May 19 via Possible Motive on 180-gram LP (limited to 300) and digital formats. Order yours.
1. Stockholm 2024
2. Tension on the Train
3. Rats
4. Trauma
5. A New Dawn
6. Bruno Mattei
7. Suburban Youth
8. Endgame