To many, Mary Lattimore's music is the most serene and beautiful thing in world. Using a harp and adding in effects like delay, she generates an ethereal quality that elevates it from background massage music to something almost otherworldly. Considering that harp is the only instrument and there are no vocals, how could she improve on her work? Where does she go next? Name a song after the home of some of the greatest sandwiches in the world, obvs.

As any good Northeasterner — and especially anyone from New Jersey /  Philadelphia — can attest, local convenience store Wawa is almost a religion. Former Philadelphian and full-time road dog Lattimore understands the reverence paid to the much-beloved Northeast chain, and how,  in a lot of ways, it signifies "home" to those from the area. According to Lattimore:

'Wawa by the Ocean' is dedicated to my favorite beach, Ship Bottom, New Jersey, and my favorite Wawa convenience store, Wawa #700. The store is so close to the entrance to the beach, so you change into your swimsuit, grab a veggie hoagie, a giant water [and] a container of pineapple with a fork, and you have your own little mini-vacation all day before driving back home. Twelve summers of solo trips to Ship Bottom and it hasn't really changed. I'll always visit it in my dreams.

Stream the track below and look for her new LP, Collected Pieces, a compilation of tracks previously available only on Bandcamp, remastered and available via Ghostly on cassette and digital. It drops April 14.

(This post was NOT sponsored by Wawa. Now someone, anyone, please send us a coupon for a shorty hoagie. We earned it.)