Finesse is a tricky thing in punk. Not only is it hard to achieve in a genre that rewards hostility, nihilism and destruction, but actually mastering your craft and creating something that lasts — both in the current atmosphere and in the future — is something of a feat. Sweden's Martyrdöd approach crust and D-beat with a melodicism and finesse that is not only impressive, but keeps getting better.

Martyrdöd's latest offering is "Harmagedon," the new video from the forthcoming List LP, due on Southern Lord. The video is simple enough: black and white imagery of the band laying waste to their instruments as scenes of war cut in and out. But where the band shines is the subtle melodicism in songwriting. "Harmegedon" is unrelenting D-beat destruction, but the guitars leave you something to hold onto instead of just rapid-fire speedfreak riffs. Check it out above.