A lot of artists are driven by reconnecting with what they experienced as a kid that made them want to make music in the first place. That's the focal point of the new song from Many Voices Speak. The group is led by Matilda Mård, the enchanting voice on the track "Video Child." The song uses indie instrumentation to recontextualize feelings and moods from '90s R&B in away that honors the music on its own terms. It's a cool autumn breeze that will bring up sweet memories of music from your life.

Mård said the following, via Stereogum:

“Video Child” was shaped from a kind of rebellion against the musical introspective sound that I devoted myself to for several years. To me, it’s a song that looks back to the late '90s ... also, I’ve [given] into another kind of arrangements that provide space for a larger expression, which looks back to the artists who made me want to sing in the first place, like Dido and Destiny’s Child.

Hear the song below, from the upcoming EP Away for All Time.