From Mannequin Pussy to Modern Baseball, Beach Slang to Nothing, Philly-based rock reigned supreme in 2016. This year, there's plenty of room for the rise of the rookies, including Loose Tooth, a jangly, surprisingly pugnacious quartet that hails from the City of Brotherly Love.

The project came together in the summer of 2013, when Larissa Sapko decided to start a band with some of her friends; three years later, they've got an EP and an LP under their belts, with a new full-length on the way. Arriving this spring via Lame-O and Father / Daughter, Big Day takes Loose Tooth's heretofore hyper-melodic sound to raucous new heights, blending the off-kilter post-hardcore of Nomeansno with the lazy, languid grooves of Grandaddy on first single "Garlic Soup," just released and streaming below.

Loose Tooth's Big Day LP is due out April 7 via Lame-O and Father / Daughter.