The Coneheads, Pukeoid, Dagger, ABC Gum, Menanites, Zap — when it comes to churning out twisted, tantalizing rock, Indiana may as well be called WINdiana. Nobody's winning more these days than Liquids, a gnarled outfit with deep ties to underground Hoosier royalty. (Coneheads' Mark Winter is their drummer.) Last year, the band released Hot Liqs, a 16-track monster of an LP that powerfully showcased their carnal, crunchy punk, manifested in violent anti-Trump fantasies ("I Killed D.T.") and garage gross-outs ("Sick Shit," "Piss on Me"). Needless to say, recently departed Indiana governor (and current Vice President) Mike Pence probably isn't a fan — but we sure as hell are.

Over the weekend, the Midwestern provocateurs dropped a new three-track 7", More Thana Friend [misspelling intentional — ed.] The release — arriving via lauded British punk house Drunken Sailor, which repressed Hot Liqs last fall — continues the temper tantrums of its predecessor; as with contemporaries like Sheer Mag and Impalers, the lo-fi mixing and ample static makes for a haggard listen, but the hooks go down smooth. Give it a spin below.

Liquids' More Thana Friend EP is out now via Drunken Sailor. Get it here.