This is supposed to be the weekend where we take a much-needed three-day vacation from our problems, catch live music in the sun, and mow down BBQ and brews. Or, counterpoint, fuck that shit. It's probably gonna rain for 72 straight hours, no matter where you are, so curl right back up in that ball of fear and self-loathing, eschew all showers and bask in the post-hardcore bitterness of Less Art.

The supergroup features members of Thrice, Kowloon Walled City and Curl Up and Die (four-fifths of whom are in the tonally polar opposite baseball worship crew Puig Destroyer), and their bummertime debut, Strangled Light, is dropping on Gilead Media on July 28. Mike Minnick of CUAD handles the incisive downer lyrics, and "Pessimism as Denial" (premiering exclusively below) sums up their worldview: "We're surrounded by prophets / Who think spilling their guts / Is the same thing as giving blood / We've eaten all the animals / We've burned down every tree / We've done so many wrongs ... / This system doesn't work / The world is better without us." Indeed. Mean people may suck, but content fatcat assholes are worse. Enjoy and pre-order.

Aug. 4 — San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
Aug. 5 — Oakland, CA @ 1234 Go! Records
Aug. 6 — Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room