Lecherous Gaze play psychedelic punk that'll probably give you a contact high just by putting their CD into your stereo. Tomorrow, the band is releasing their third full-length, One Fifteen, a collection of acid-tinged tunes that'll send your ass to space. Today, you can hear the whole damn thing, in all its crazy beauty, accented by its opening title track. Hopefully, you won't be so out of it that you miss the ridiculous shredding. The riffage never dies on the album, "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" sounding like the main theme to an intergalactic biker movie on the rings of Saturn, whereas "Malevolent Shroud" gives the record a bit of welcome theatricality. It's an album that excels by being both gritty and trippy.

You can hear One Fifteen below, and grab your copy of the album from Tee Pee.