One of the best feelings you can have listening to music is knowing that you're drifting away. It's that weird half-conscious dream state that sticks with you for a while. Connecticut's Landing have mastered this sound over their nearly 20 years of existence. They're still making music for you to trip out to, most recently in the form of upcoming record Complekt, due out November 25 on These Are Not Records. Today, they're streaming a new track from the record, "Shifts." It's not hard to feel reality slipping away; the song blends fuzz and synthesizers to lull you into an otherworldly state. Guitars buzz about until the smooth vocals come in, utter bliss awaiting your ears.

Of the song, co-founder Aaron Snow says:

Sonic Boom once said, 'One chord best, two chords cool, three chords okay, four chords average.' For the song 'Shifts,' we decided to go with the 'best' option. Built with layered drones from our our old Octave Cat Electronic Music Synthesizer, the song grows into a simple raga of tremolo'd guitars, fuzz bass, brushed drums and synth pulses before being topped off by Adrienne [Snow]'s beautifully lysergic vocals. 'Shifts' is about letting the trance overtake you while different elements pop in and out of view.

Pre-order Complekt right here.