Contrary to what state-sponsored tourism ads and certain guido-centric reality TV shows may suggest, the Jersey Shore isn't all fun in the sun. It's a bona fide hardcore sanctuary, with a tradition of pent-up aggression going back to the late '70s. Lethal Aggression, Social Decay, Hogan’s Heroes, Heavy Chains — these are but a few of the acts responsible for turning a vacation destination into a volatile musical crucible. Krust are the latest crushers to spring forth from the sea, and while they remain relatively young band — their debut release, No Stress, came out in 2014 — the crew members themselves have been around the block many times, playing in bands like United Youth, Blind Justice and Turnstile.

Last May, Krust dropped their latest EP, Paradise in Brick, a pay-what-you-want, mosh-ready record tailor-made for long days at the skate park. Edgewood Records is reissuing that release this week, with new artwork to boot. To commemorate Paradise in Brick's victory lap, Krust have shared a music video for highlight "Taking Over"; it premieres right here, right now. Watch below, and scroll down to check out Krust's Shore-repping manifesto of a statement, plus the album artwork and track list.

Krust's Paradise in Brick EP will be re-released this week via Edgewood. Pre-order the physical version here, and nab a digital copy here.

Welcome to the Jersey Shore: Where the sound of breaking glass and fireworks going off is nothing to be surprised about, but to be embraced. Where you hear dice being slammed on the ground and curses being shouted. Krust is the sounds of a dump truck on fire driving up the side of a volcano on a small desert island with natives sacrificing an American conservative.

Welcome to a glimpse into the life of a lunatic floating in the ocean with sand in their teeth. People who are United against boredom and being quiet, people who can't calm down even if they could, and if they could, they wouldn't, because like I said, they can’t.

Welcome to a Roman candle explosion of noises, colors and smell of the smoke. A firecracker bang of sound, something you can’t take your eyes off of. You may try to understand but you never will; it’s ok, not many do. It is like looking through a microscope and seeing atoms smash into each other. This is wind through the hair of a banging head music. This is Krust.


1. "KENZ"
2. "Taking Over"
3. "I Want Sex"
4. "Not Guilty"
5. "Kilroy"
6. "Not Like U"
7. "Shore Style Punx"