Polyvinyl Records' annual 4-Track Singles project is basically the DIY equivalent of "Take one, pass it down." It goes a little something like this: The label mails an artist a 4-track recorder; the artist records a song on said 4-track; said 4-track is then passed on to another artist, continuing the process until new music magically falls into our laps. This year's installment might be the most noteworthy experimental powwow yet, with contributions from Japanese Breakfast, Beach Slang, Twin Peaks, Modern Baseball and more. Joyce Manor got in on the fun this year, too, leaving us with a crunchy, compact tune called "NBTSA." For those who found the studio polish on fall's Cody LP a bit too sterile, this raggedy, minute-and-a-half burner should be a real treat, as well as a welcome reminder that you should never forget your roots. Listen below.

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