When Jesters of Destiny first hit the scene in the '80s, no one knew where the hell to place them. With a more gleeful tone than their contemporaries at the time, it took a while for people to get what the Jesters were trying to do. Luckily, they're returning after an almost 30-year layoff, and are set to release their new record, The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown. Today, we're premiering their new track, "Fire in the Six Foot Hole." The song mixes a range of different genres, bringing funk and psychedelics to the forefront, as well as buzzy electronic synths. It's a weirdo track, but more than anything, this band is just extremely fun (despite warning you about potential fires).

Hear the track below, and look out for The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown on Ektro Records.