While it's pretty damn great to see Dinosaur Jr so heavily active again, it has come with the collateral damage of less Sebadoh dates and music. Thankfully, we have a more than acceptable stopgap until that new Sebadoh appears around the corner.

Jason Loewenstein, who split songwriting duties with Lou Barlow for the bulk of Sebadoh's run, has mostly focused his efforts on Sebadoh over the years, waiting 15 years in between solo LPs. His latest is Spooky Action, due on June 17 via Joyful Noise; it's a self-recorded and self-produced effort that features the latest single, "Machinery." Propelled by a slightly distorted guitar riff, the power-pop track is very much in the vein of his work with the celebrated indie greats, utilizing harmonized vocals and even cowbell at the chorus to make for a memorable trip. The track seems fun and at least partially sunny, the kind that would lead to spilled beers at a backyard BBQ, and not really close to how Loewenstein would describe it in the following apocalyptic explanation:

'Machinery' is the classic scenario of man desperately seeking relief from a world gone mad. Trying to avoid being ground up like hamburger in the machinery of the world or your own mind.

Whatever your thoughts on the track's underlying message (or your own interpretation therein), it's a burner, and worth the stream below, beside another album track, "Superstitious."