Last year, I probably listened to Superheaven more than any other band on the planet. The four members seem to innately understand how to lock into ultra-tight songwriting, the rocky choruses of "Sheltered" and "Poor Aileen" burned into my memory alongside tons of others. Sadly, the group recently disbanded, taking a break for an undisclosed amount of time.

Normally, this would be a bummer of massive proportions, but it's an opportunity that's afforded guitarist / singer Jake Clarke more time to push himself with his solo work. Next February, Clarke is releasing a split 12" with dreamy Wilkes-Barre punk band Spur. Today you can hear "Yellow Gown," one of Clarke's tunes, for the first time. Some of the familiar elements from his time in Superheaven remain — the subtly deep guitar work is still there to dive into. More than anything, it's apparent how smart of a songwriter Clarke is, able to deliver a dichotomy between heavy and dreamy. It's an exciting look into what the future holds for Clarke, his songwriting chops maturing with every new song.

Hear Clarke's new song below, and pick up the split from Disposition Collective, out February 3.

Feb. 18 — Brooklyn, NY @ Wayward Social (w/ Alcoa)
Feb. 24 — Philadelphia, PA @ the Pharmacy (w/ Spur)
Feb. 25 — Wilkes-Barre, PA @ the Other Side (w/ Spur)