The second you hear Caroline White's voice in Infinity Crush, you'll immediately want to find out everything you can about her. The Maryland-based singer-songwriter released a truckload of records in 2013, and is back with her new LP, Warmth Equation, which features new member Derrick Brandon and contributions from Sam Ray (Teen Suicide, Ricky Eat Acid).

The album opens with "Drowning Here With All My Friends," which begins with just White on guitar before opening up into something much bigger and atmospheric. It carries over to the next track, "Everything Being Still," an airy and beautiful trip to the heavens that doesn't last long enough. The record changes in shape at will, "Whisper" bringing Slint-like guitar chords, "Pete and Pete" condensing endless summers down into one song, "Fightless" stripping everything down to just a guitar. The inherent beauty of White's voice can take you in any direction you like, whether you want to lay down, relax and not have to worry about what's going on in your life, or if you prefer to really reflect. Warmth Equation will leave you in a state of wonder and bliss, unable to shake it off even if you wanted to.

Pre-order Warmth Equation from Joy Void Recordings.